Creativity isn’t something you can learn.
You can learn is how to get in touch with it.
You can learn to listen to yourself and use it, to solve problems, communicate more effectively, decorate your house, make money on the stock market, write a book, pretty much anything!
Meditation has been a mainstay in my daily life for more than 10 years. I don’t know what I did before that to evoke my creativity but I know I am more in-tune with it now than ever before.
As part of my coaching I use this tool to grow the awareness of my students and bring them more in touch with their individual creative eye.
How do you evoke your creativity…?

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Mentor or Coach?


There’s a lot of talk around mentors and coaches, what’s better and what’s preferred.
The dictionary defines a coach as a motivator.
The dictionary defines a mentor as a trusted advisor.
After being a photographer for 25 years, I can provide both motivation and trusted advice.

I now offer Mentoring and Coaching to photographers for their own personal growth and/or professionally.


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Time Flies


It’s been some time since I last made a post on here. I have been busy with life, some good, some not so good.

Whatever happens, some things remain the same, including the sky!

But this post isn’t about the sky and clouds, it’s about what has happened to get us to this point. I’m not going to pretend I have been flat out busy over the last couple of years with work, but in a way it’s been refreshing to have some more time on my hands.

I have had more space in my brain to think about more things and also think about things a little differently.

We always seem to wish for things we don’t have when what we have is already pretty good! (for the most part anyway…)

The sky has my heart (mot as much as Harry) and I will always post these pics be that regularly or otherwise. I can’t say for certain that my posts here will be regular, but I can say they might be a little different to what has been.

This stunning glass sculpture is called ‘Rhubarb’ and was made by a very talented artist Isabelle Wittock Merenne. I photographed this recently at my friend’s home.

Here’s to looking and doing things a bit differently…

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As usual


Life has moved on since I last posted here. Changing and flexing, we carry on with what we need to, but things don’t look the same as they did. Maybe they never will, maybe they never did, maybe they are gone for the good of us all. Whatever has happened, and whatever does happen, we can depend on the sky… as usual, it’s there and always presenting itself with it’s own set of ever changing beauty.

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Well, who would have thought something we can’t even see could stop the world so successfully! I love it and also don’t love it. Miss Harry loves it unquestionably! Longer walks and more of them, new places to freely walk without loads of people… We took a walk around the harbour the other morning. In her 11 years, this picture has never before been a possibilty.

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Summer Nights

Adventure, blue skies, Clouds, colour, Life, Personal Work, Street, what harry saw

And finally I return to post here…

It’s been a busy and stressful few months for me between June 2019 (my last post) and now. This time has certainly inhibited my time and brain space, and although I have looked upwards almost every day and enjoyed this moment, it hasn’t quite managed to translate to any posts or pictures that I might otherwise take. Summer is almost over and although it will stay warm for a little longer (thank-fully for me), the days are growing shorter and a little cooler too. I take harry out in the evenings at the moment to enjoy the last of the Summer evenings, and this is a pic I took last night whilst soaking up the cool breeze and twilight Summer skies.

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Happy Birthday Harry!

Adventure, blue skies, Clouds, cloudy skies, colour, Life, Personal Work, Street, Uncategorized, what harry saw

Work and some other things have been keeping me busy, so I have been a little slow posting this one. Harry is my dog and who this blog is named after. My beautiful bestie turned 10 on June 5th. This pic was taken on her Birthday on our afternoon walk. She just sat down and waited for me to take the pic, like she knew… she probably did.

Love this girl!

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Monday Morning Blues

Adventure, blue skies, Clouds, cloudy skies, colour, Life, Personal Work, Street, what harry saw

Beautiful blue skies to start the week. The soft light of Autumn brings clean skies and perfect graduations to photograph. Have a great week!

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Autumn Mornings

blue skies, Clouds, cloudy skies, colour, Life, Personal Work, Uncategorized, what harry saw

As the temperatures cool, the light softens too. Beautiful soft sunrises and and let’s not forget the sunsets, and although getting out of bed is a little more difficult with the cooler weather, here’s a sample of what’s waiting when we do.

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At the Beach


Gum trees at the beach edge, so Australian, and so peaceful. This is at twilight as the temperature cools and the silence comes, leaving only the sound of the water gently flowing nearby.

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