Sydney based for over 20 years, I’m always thinking about the visual world we live in, inspired by light and form, capturing and pushing boundaries, creating beautiful thought provoking images that inspire and motivate viewers. I love what I do.

Collaborating with many talented creatives, shooting advertising and brand campaigns and images for websites, portraits, social media, interior designers and independent corporates such as insurance companies, recruitment agencies, real estate agents, hotels, restaurant, bars magazines and books.

Shooting both in studio and on location, photography has taken us to many places, into coal mines, the top of the highest buildings at sunset, Egypt, New York, The Maldives, New Zealand and many times around Australia. Stunning and breath taking beaches at dawn, and peaceful, colourful locations at sunset. The world is so beautiful, communicating through imagery for us all to share, I love photography.

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Here we are, let’s shoot!



‘I have worked with Mel on a number of occasions for photography engagements. Mel is the most wonderful partner to work with, she will bend over backwards to ensure the highest quality and is incredibly agile in response plus she has sometimes had to work with very tight budgets. Mel has many skills ranging from all types of photography and video. There doesn’t seem like anything she can’t do. And I’ve never seen her not smiling! I highly recommend Mel for any photography or video projects and you’ll be sure to get top class results.’
Lisa Mackenzie: Senior Account Director


‘Mel is one of the most hard working, down-to-earth photographers I know and she’s a pleasure to work with (plus she makes a good cup of tea!). I’ve worked with Mel for almost 2 decades across different agencies and various clients. Her photography skills are exceptional and so is her approach to ensure every project runs smoothly. Mel has loads of experience in different areas of photography, some of which are advertising, marketing, video, social media, PR, landscapes and portraits to name a few. If you need a professional photographer, I would highly recommend Mel.’
Rachael Egan: Executive Creative Director


‘Highly recommended, talented and intuitive photographer who turns her skills to any subject. Gets the best out of any subject and works brilliantly under pressure.’
Jessica Beckingham: Senior Designer


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