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‘My recent exhibition ‘Reflection’ was a closer study into clouds and their formations.

I love clouds, and started shooting them for Instagram for a bit of fun, and the audience interest was overwhelming. I wanted to capture the beauty and the fascination of cloud formations throughout the day and months and seasons,

Once the dark skies and heavy clouds appeared, Harry and I would be out at La Perouse as soon as possible to study and shoot the ever-changing cloud formations and deep skies full of mystery, with occasional appearances by the sun and the strong rays pushing their way through the clouds.

The worse the weather the better! Shooting in the middle of Winter was ideal as the weather was the worst, I would be ushered quickly back into my car by the heavy rain that would appear suddenly. Sometimes not such a bad thing considering the strong winds and cold temperatures.

The silence of of the skies and the seagulls playing the the breeze, a beautiful and peaceful way to spend a couple of hours in an afternoon as the sun was going down.

Other times the winds would be so strong it would scare the birds away, whilst sometimes the calm clear skies would also keep the skies clear of playing seagulls. It was a balancing act by the weather for all these elements to come together. I love shooting this subject and I had and still have plenty of patience for quiet afternoon hours with Harry, the seagulls and the clouds.