It’s been some time since I last made a post on here. I have been busy with life, some good, some not so good.

Whatever happens, some things remain the same, including the sky!

But this post isn’t about the sky and clouds, it’s about what has happened to get us to this point. I’m not going to pretend I have been flat out busy over the last couple of years with work, but in a way it’s been refreshing to have some more time on my hands.

I have had more space in my brain to think about more things and also think about things a little differently.

We always seem to wish for things we don’t have when what we have is already pretty good! (for the most part anyway…)

The sky has my heart (mot as much as Harry) and I will always post these pics be that regularly or otherwise. I can’t say for certain that my posts here will be regular, but I can say they might be a little different to what has been.

This stunning glass sculpture is called ‘Rhubarb’ and was made by a very talented artist Isabelle Wittock Merenne. I photographed this recently at my friend’s home.

Here’s to looking and doing things a bit differently…

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